ABOUT ART OF MUSIC                  

ART OF MUSIC is one of the most talked about fundraisers on the Sydney event circuit.  There is no other like it.  Presented by Jenny Morris, ART OF MUSIC combines both visual arts and music.  Held every two years, a group of Australia's top artists come together to create an original exhibition where each artist chooses an iconic Australian/NZ song to inspire a piece of artwork.  The artwork is then auctioned during a gala dinner in the spectacular Grand Court of the Art Gallery of NSW.

NORDOFF ROBBINS.  All proceeds go to Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy, an inspirational charity that use the power of music to transform lives.  Music is used in live and interactive sessions to help people cope with the struggle of living with a wide range of needs.  These include children and adults with physical and intellectual disability, autism, trauma, illness, dementia, behaviour disorders and learning difficulties.  For more information visit noro.org.au.

NR_ArtofMusic-51.jpg"Art of Music first came together because of my love of music and the visual arts.  I have friends in both areas and thought I could push my friendships with them to help out.  Now, 10 years on, the event has gone from strength to strength and I'm so proud to be able to help such a great cause"  
Jenny Morris, Art of Music founder


One of the most inspiring and enjoyable nights of the year, Art of Music combines iconic musicians in full swing, celebrated artists and their latest works, great food, fine wine, terrific company, colourful MC's and a bidding frenzy to rival Sotheby's. Always impeccably organised, in a great venue, for a wonderful cause. AoM is in my diary.    HUGO WEAVING
Art of Music is not something I feel duty bound to support. It is quite simply the most magical, unique and worthwhile fundraiser there is and THATS why I support it.    IVA DAVIES OAM
Art of Music, it’s a wonderful idea when art is made, music played and everyone benefits. I look forward to the next one.    NEIL FINN
The most fun you can have in a room full of artists and musicians and to know you are offering kids a light through very dark times.    RACHEL WARD
I have been happy to contribute to the Art of Music fundraisers because music is such a positive and joyous activity and is a great way of engaging and inspiring young children and teenagers with learning and health problems.    REG MOMBASSA
Art of Music is not to be missed. Amazing art. Amazing music. Put them together and the result is truly magical. I choose to support Art of Music, not only because it’s a spectacular event that I love to attend, but also because it raises funds for a very worthwhile and under acknowledged charity. Music therapy takes something close to my heart, music, and uses it to help people living with physical and psychological disabilities. We all need a little magic in our lives and music can touch everyone.    JIMMY BARNES
These nights are one of the best things going.  It's a tremendous opportunity to see two kinds of creativity - musical creativity and artistic expression, marrying up for a very good cause.    PETER GARRETT